"Kapo", a shorthand Croatian variant for Capo di macchina, means the Chief of engineering in naval terminology, and in our story represents the protagonist, the owner. After countless years at the seas, with an extraordinary amount of experience gathered from a variety of countries and cuisines around the world, our Kapo has docked for the last time. Lowering his anchor in his hometown harbour was the beginning of a new chapter, the beginning of Bistro Kapo.

Taste the Mediterranean

We craft creative local dishes from a mix of inspiration gathered throughout Italy and Croatia in our family owned restaurant. Striving for perfection, only the finest BIO ingredients, some from our garden, some gathered from small local farmers, can pass the quality test of Kapo's experienced taste buds, and get on the plate at Bistro Kapo. Add a pinch of local warmth to the mix, and let the Chef craft a masterful dish...


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Put Dr. Ante Starčevića 109a, Mlini, Dubrovnik

Tuesday - Sunday: 18:00 - 23:00
Monday: closed

+385 20 485 005

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